Program training
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Cap sur la famille program

Program with objective to reduce the repercussions of the parents’ addiction on family life.


14 hours


- Interactive and varied (explanatory capsules, demonstrative videos, additional reading, quizzes, downloadable documents);

- Divided in 4 modules.

Targeted facilitator

Intervener working with adults addicted to alcohol or drugs and their child aged 6 to 12 years.

Objectives of the training

- Become familiar with the theoretical foundations of the Cap sur la famille program;

- Become familiar with the principles of the collaborative approach and the psychoeducational approach;

- Become familiar with the clinical assessment to identify participants' parenting needs;

- Become familiar with the different components of the program, namely animation with groups of parents, children and families.


Training developed by

Myriam Laventure, Ph.D.,

Marie-Josée Letarte, Ph.D.,

Chantal Plourde, Ph.D.,

Jennifer Beauregard, M.Sc.,

Claude-Marie Côté-Dion, c.Ph.D.,

Mathilde Garneau, Ph.D.

and Nancy Roy B.A.A.

Plan of the program training

  • Parenthood and addiction

  • The presentation of program

  • Collaborative approach

  • Psycho-educational approach

  • Recruitment and engagement of families

  • Clinical assessment

  • The facilitator's manual

  • Animation with parents

  • Animation with parents WORKSHOP BY WORKSHOP

  • Animation with children

  • Animation with children WORKSHOP BY WORKSHOP

  • Animation with families

  • Animation with families WORKSHOP BY WORKSHOP

  • Animation in virtual mode

  • Assessment and attestation

  • Activity books

  • Animation tools

  • Activity book

  • Animation tools