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Representation of a couple

You are the parent of a child aged between 6 and 12.
You drink alcohol or use drugs.
You are worried about the impact of your substance use on your parental practices.
You are worried about the impact of your substance use on your child’s development.

The following information can help you.

Lady holding a telescope

Information on the Cap sur la famille program

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Man holding giant pencil

I would like to sign up for the program

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I would love to hear what other families with similar challenges have to say

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Adult holding several masks in his hands

I would like to help my child express their emotions

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Angel with folded arms

I would like for my child to show more good behaviours

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Three people hugging

I would like to be able to better solve conflicts in my family

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Talking adult, listening child

I would like to improve communication within my family

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I would like to improve my family’s routines

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I would like to get help

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Other documentation

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